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Café Del Mondo has been on the Nieuwmarkt for about twenty years. Owner Barry van den Berg brought innovation. Café Del Mondo, in the center of Mokum focuses on Ajax and live music, two great passions of Barry. And Barry would not be Barry, if he did not adequately bring out this joyous fact. He did so with a party but also with a free minimagazine in which you can read not only everything about the café, but also news about the Nieuwmarkt area, because Barry is devoted to this neighborhood. “My father was born here. His whole family lived here so as a child I came there often. I, like my mother, was born in the Jordaan, where I spent a large part of my youth. ”

The Nieuwmarkt is one of the nicest squares in the city. Always lively in any season. A real neighborhood square where not only tourists and day visitors come, but also local residents who do their shopping here at the super or at one of the market stalls in the square. Who would also like to sit on one of the many terraces on a sunny day. Where students take place next to residents of the Flesseman elderly center. The Nieuwmarkt is a square where people still meet each other. During the day it is pleasant, almost village and in the evening it is a lively nightlife square. Famous are the various events such as tight April festivals and later this summer the Hartjesdagen.

It was not like that when Barry started here in 1994. On the contrary, the Nieuwmarkt was known as dirty and unsafe where too many addicts and dealers were walking around. Barry understood that he wanted to make a success of his café, something had to be done on the street. He was looking for supporters and a small group of entrepreneurs started organizing street football tournaments.

Together with residents, they approached the municipality and the police and demanded measures to make the square cleaner and, above all, safer. Everything was done to give the Nieuwmarkt a positive image. In that respect, nothing was crazy enough as ever the beach volleyball tournament where tons of sand were strewn out on the square and plastic palms and pina collades had to bring a tropical feeling, because the weather didn’t. Barry is now chairman of the Nieuwmarkt entrepreneurs’ association, the square has been redecorated and there is a street manager. Barry: “We have put a lot of time into it and I could do that because in the café everything just kept going thanks to the silent power of Claudia and her sister Dien, our inseparable duo. That must also be said. ”

That Barry is an Ajax fan, and especially of the classic Ajax, can not escape you when you step into the cafe. On two large screens, nostalgic images of the club with moving young faces by Johan, Piet and Sjakie are shown. But also all football matches of the current Ajax are broadcast live. Then it is packed here with real football fans. Also on the Saturday night, it is something else. Then it’s time for Jack Daniels Live, a stage for musicians and bands, with support from the famous whiskey brand, which in this way supports pop venues all over the world. You can also read all about this in the minimum magazine, available at most hotels in the city, various clubs and of course in café Del Mondo at the Nieuwmarkt 28 where you can go every day for breakfast, lunch or just a cup of coffee.

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